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Find online, search and wish list more than 5,300 unique wholesale jewelry making supplies. Standard shipping $3.00 per USA order.

The Vintage Jewelry Supplies Company Inc. offers a wide variety of quality jewelry making supplies so the possibilities are endless! We have been serving jewelry designers since 1989 as a major supplier for brass components, plated in rich antique patinas including oxidized sterling silver, brass and copper. We also offer many options of gemstones, Swarovski crystals, Bavarian glass stones and beads, filigrees, stampings and raw brass for artists who wish to add their own patinas. Most of the rare pieces we feature are made in the U.S.A and are still made from the original dies created in the late 1800’s.

Jewelry designers, you can boost your creativity and save money from our low online prices with over 5300 wholesale items to choose from on our website. We offer many different unique types of bead caps, beads, cabochons and stones. We also have in stock chains, findings and settings.

We have marked down hundreds of jewelry items on sale. If you love vintage components, this is a good time to buy them. Soon, they will be gone forever because they are no longer being made. Those of us who create and love to wear beautiful, unique jewelry will rejoice to see women once again embracing accessories.  

Some of the components offered by are still being created from molds that were hand-carved at the kitchen table in the late 1800s. Many of our items have been in production since the 1940’s. Incorporating these components with modern trends and reclaimed treasures such as doll parts, broken china or compasses, and even bullet casings celebrate the passions of the wearer.

We offer more than 5,300 unique items to use in costume and jewelry design as well as a multitude of other creative endeavors. What’s old is new again when combined with your unique ideas.

Vintage Jewelry Supplies offers a huge selection of jewelry making supplies in an array of finishes! There is something for everyone’s price range. You can keep it simple or go all out, it’s up to you!

Options include: Connector settings, corners, crosses, crucifixes, embellishments, figural, filigrees, flourishes, flowers and leaves, frames and borders, hearts, heraldry, hoops, mardi gras items, metal flowers, pendants and charms, stampings, steampunk items, christmas items, western items, wings, beads, beadcaps, cabochons and stones, chains, findings, settings, stampings and more, in a variety of finishes. We also offer useful jewelry making tools such as pliers for connecting items. And don’t forget to check in periodically for new products!

Search and wish list our jewelry making supplies. Our vintage jewelry collection includes unique glass jewelry stones and vintage beads, many of which are no longer made. If an item from our site will no longer be available after our current inventory is sold, we have almost always mentioned that fact in the description for your planning purposes.

Browse through our jewelry making supplies and you will see that there truly is something for everyone’s taste and pocketbook. Whether your style is sweet, sassy, steampunk, gothic, bohemian, eclectic or more traditional, you are sure to find it here!

If you buy bulk quantities of our items often, please email us with a list of those item numbers. Otherwise, we may run out when you need the items most.

Happy Shopping! Thank you for your loyalty!
From Susan and the staff at Vintage Jewelry Supplies Co. Inc.

The History Behind Vintage Jewelry Supplies
by Susan Street:

After designing boutique jewelry since 1989, Susan Street started a company to offer jewelry making supplies to other designers. She shares her early experience with us here.

At a time when my personal life was starting to fall apart, making jewelry became my passion. At first, it was a hobby. My mind overflowed with ideas and techniques I just couldn't wait to try. After a few months, people would stop me in the mall wanting to know where I got my earrings, so I started to do small craft shows. Within a year I was selling to several boutiques in my area, creating styles geared to the clients of that particular shop. I did trunk shows at Nordstrom and in beautiful galleries on the grounds of world-famous resorts.

For several years I produced collections which included more than one hundred items. Seven sales reps carried storyboards of product and a framed color board with examples of the colors the products available. The line was shown in five major apparel markets and sold in more than two hundred boutiques and galleries, but success came at a price.

There were times I drove three hundred miles to do a presentation to a boutique owner, who didn't even show up for the appointment. I've sold thousands of dollars worth of inventory to boutiques only for their check to bounce. It wasn't an easy path to keep trying to follow.

My health and creativity suffered from the grueling schedule and mundane act of recreating the same products again and again, so I switched gears.

Ten years into my career I hired a well-known sales rep who specialized in high end one of a kind fashion items in her beautifully appointed showrooms. I was thrilled to be making wearable works of one of a kind art once again. A significant market date was approaching, so I worked day and night to ensure the showroom was well stocked with a vast selection of products for my potential clients. Past show history suggested this would be a very successful show. Days after the show, no payment had arrived. Phone calls were not answered in the showroom or the home of my sales rep. Other artists who exhibited with her also started to call me. We discovered that this woman had taken all of our remaining product and all of our revenue from the show and left the country. The showroom was cleared out overnight. The devastation from this loss was a massive blow to my business and my spirit.

Time passed, and I continued to create. I slowly rebuilt my business, but my faith in humankind was forever changed.

I share these stories from my past with you in hopes that you will be inspired to keep following your dreams, even when the path you've chosen threatens to swallow you up into a black hole. Each of the negative things you experience along your journey will teach you to prepare for the next event in your life. Perhaps someday you will share your story, and it will, in turn, help others.

A few years ago, my hands became so weak from all those years of overuse; I can barely hold a bead cap to thread it onto a head pin. That's just part of the reason I'm so grateful for a chance to share what I've learned with others. I can still be a small part of the design process even if I'm only your supplier. I enjoy seeing what you've created so please share with us on our Facebook page here.

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