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A Few Jewelry Terms Explained

1. Bohemian or Czech Glass: Jewelry stones or beads are often made by family owned companies in villages at the base of the Bavarian Alps. The products are affordable and beautiful but the colors and depths of the stones and beads are not always the same. You should keep this in mind as you plan your projects.

2. OX: The industry abbreviation for Oxidized is OX. It means the item has been plated to look old. The three most popular finishes we offer are oxidized sterling silver, oxidized copper and oxidized brass.

3. Plating: Most of the components you buy from us have been professionally plated. A layer of metal has been bonded to the plated pieces giving them smooth edges and rich antique finishes which will stay that way for years to come. The base metal of almost all of our items is lead and nickel free brass made in the United States. If the item was made in Germany, for example, the description will mention that.

4. Facets: The cuts or angles on the surface of glass stones or beads which reflect light and create a pattern within the glass, enhancing the beauty of the stone.

5. Cabochon: (Pronounced: ka-ba-shän) It means the gem or glass stone has been cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted. They normally have a flat back.

6. Finding: Think of the parts that make the jewelry function. For example the lever backs to which you attach a pretty bead so that you can wear it as an earring or the pin back you attach to a stone to create a brooch. Head pins, crimps and jump rings are also examples of findings.

7. Brass Stamping: When a press is used to strike a tool and die form into brass, the resulting design is called a stamping. They are normally hollow on the reverse side. They are detailed and light weight so they are perfect to use in jewelry making. We are a major distributor of the finest quality brass stampings made in the USA and Europe, which means we do not own the dies nor the presses that create the designs. Therefore we cannot wholesale the items we offer but we do provide you with small quantities plated in beautiful finishes at reasonable prices.


Ancient Legends of Gemstones, Metals and Shapes

Throughout the centuries nearly every culture has held the belief that colored stones, the different metals and certain shapes possess magical powers or the ability to endow the wearer with certain attributes. It was believed that Brass and Copper were the metals sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Identified with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Venus and her Three Graces rule of the union of lovers. Venus bestows the charm which attracts and conquers. She grants harmony, beauty, passion and profound love.

Silver is the moon. Feminine in nature, she rules over the imagination, perception, intuition and pure emotion. She grants insight and bestows dreams.

Blue Lace Agates by the nature of their color, bring wisdom and truth.

Rose Quartz makes its wearer loved. It opens up the mind to beauty and assists in the creation of beautiful things. It is considered a good stone for artists.

Jet is dedicated to Cybele, the Greek goddess of all things produced by the earth. It was worn to protect travelers on land and sea to guard against evil and nightmares.

Amazonite was valued by the Egyptians. It was thought to have the ability to harness the power of the sun.

Amethysts were worn by the Egyptian soldiers to bring success in battle and calmness in danger. Recognized as the stone of St. Valentine, it is a stone of friendship. During the days of romance and chivalry, a lady would present her knight with a purple amethyst set in silver. This gift was thought to bring the couple happiness and good fortune.

Glass brings knowledge and spiritual perfection.

In ancient times dragonflies, or damselflies were connected to Freya, the Norse goddess of love. The paired bodies of mating dragonflies form the shape of a heart, perhaps being the source for that modern symbol of love.

Birds bring creativity, imagination and ideas.

Leaves were symbolic of happiness. They bring growth, renewal and hope.

Fairies are magical beings whose powers include the ability to conjure up people, places and magnificent things. Prone to sudden transformations, they dispense riches, wisdom and bestow gifts.

The Dragon unites desire and love with movement and freedom. It is a symbol for rhythmic life.

The butterfly signifies immortality, abundant leisure and joy.

Triangles represent heaven, earth and humans. Plato thought they depicted completion. When pointing upward the triangle is solar, symbolizing life and fire. Triangles are the threefold nature of the universe. When pointing downward, the triangle represents a connection with the earth and water.

The rectangle expresses rationality.

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