We are in compliance with California's Lead-Containing Jewelry Law. Note that the lead of concern is the type used in painting of or adding weight to cast costume jewelry. There is no lead in our brass stampings nor is there any used in the plating of the items you buy here. If you or your customer is allergic to metal, these items should not be worn. (They are after all metal.) None of the items offered here are for small children.

All our items are made in the USA, lead and nickel free unless otherwise noted in the description of the item. We do not guarantee that any item we offer will hold up to your manipulation. If you fold, bend, wrap or otherwise change the shape of the items they may break.

When we use images of other designer's work, it is with their written permission.

We are not affiliated with any other seller(s) or web site(s). We do not own any "ghost" web sites pretending to be authorized dealers of our products in order to charge you higher prices for the items we sell. We offer the same prices to everyone who shops with us, because that's what is honest and fair.

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